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Our interior design process follows a systematic and co-ordinated methodology. Applying decorating principals, analysis and our knowledge of the creative process, your needs and resources are met. The design team at Interiors International works hand in hand to design and produce, furniture and accessories of a personal style to the highest international standards. A meeting with one of our design consultants takes you through an extensive briefing process ensures unprecedented customisation of your living space and an assurance that your requirements are met.

The designer will then conceptualise ideas using local and international design standards and collections ensuring functionality, ergonomics and ultimately a relational living space that will integrate both visually and practically with the rest of your home. The philosophy of relational living, achieved through zone planning, is employed at each stage of the design process.

Presented in photo-like realism, you have the opportunity to discuss further customisation and budget requirements while you are walked through your conceptualised living space at a follow up meeting at our showroom. This process continues until the design and costing has met all your requirements enabling the process to continue to the sign-off phase.

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